I have had a life long passion for movement, fueling my ongoing dance career and providing the inspiration for my Manhattan based practice of bodywork and movement education. With over fifteen years of experience both as a professional performer and bodywork therapist, and having recieved my Master’s degree in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing, I draw from my knowledge base and personal journey toward mind-body presence to inform the lectures, classes, and one-on-one sessions I lead. With a focus on fluid movement, injury prevention, adaptation, presence and awareness, and attending your authentic self, my life’s work is built on sharing tools to help guide others to their highest potential through personal transformation.

My goal is to guide people into increased awareness and mobility, no matter what age they find themselves inquiring into their health.

When I’m not performing, teaching, or with clients, I can be found alongside my colleagues continuing to expand my therapeudic knowledge as well as continuing my practice-led research in somatic wellbeing and presence through visual, video, and dance mediums.

Stress and Pain Relief

Gait and postural analysis

Personal Transformation

Increased Performance